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Classic Persia Tour :: Iran Classical Tours

Most people who have traveled to Iran (also known as Persia), never expect to see such a rich history and culture. Do you want to be one of those people? So, join us on Classic Persia Tour.
Iran is rich in history and it is like a live museum where the remains of different historical eras are to be explored.
Our journey begins from Tehran. In Tehran, you get a chance to see quite some magnificent palaces and their beautiful gardens which date back to Pahlavi kingdom. After exploring Tehran, you will head to the historical desert city of Kerman and visit the ancient Ganjali khan complex, a historical huge complex consists of different parts such as a bathhouse, a mosque, a bazaar and etc.
Shiraz, the city of Poetry and Literature and is the capital city of Fars province. Shiraz is home to the impressive Persepolis complex; a super glorious and historical construction from Achaemenid era. Seeing the grandeur of Persepolis, one wonders how those huge stone blocks are moved at that time and such magnificent constructions are erected.
Yazd is a recently inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List where a visitor could visit a Zoroastrian fire temple that dates back to 1934. In this tour, you could also experience a memorable night in a caravanserai of a desert city between Yazd and Esfahan (Koohpayeh).
Esfahan that was the capital city in Safavid dynasty might be the best part of this journey because of lots of diverse historical places such as Naqshe Jahan sq. and the mosques, palaces and bazaar around it and also beautiful Khajoo bridge and the stunning Vank cathedral.
The last but not the least in this tour is Kashan with many lovely historical houses, a huge wonderful garden and the ancient Sialk hills (Teppe Sialk).
What you have read were just some words which were unable to reflect the depth of Iran’s attractions. If you are a travel lover, you should visit the amazing land of Persia and see with your own eyes.


  • Duration : 11 days & 10 nights
  • Country : Iran
  • Destinations : Tehran (1), Kerman (2), Shiraz (2), Yazd (2), Kouhpayeh (1), Isfahan (1), Kashan (1)
  • Tour Runnig : Every Month
  • Starting Point : Tehran
  • Ending Point : Kashan


Classic Persia Tour ITINERARY

Day 1


Arrival in Tehran, Transfer to hotel. Visit Niavaran Palace, a 9000-square-meter area in northern Tehran which consists of several royal buildings and palaces. Sa'ad Abad Palace in next place to visit. This complex consists of several villa-palaces and mansions which are erected on a beautiful range among aged cypresses in beautiful gardens. Visit Azadi Tower, the first symbol of Tehran, in the evening. O/N in Tehran.

Day 2

Tehran - Kerman (986 km)

After breakfast, fly to Kerman. Visit Ganjali khan complex, a 11000-square-meter are which consist of different parts: a school, a square, a caravanserai, a bathhouse, an Ab-Anbar (water reservoir), a mint, a mosque and a traditional bazaar. In Kerman, we will also visit old Yakhchāls (Ice House), a dome shaped structure to preserve ice in old time, Jabbalieh Dome (an octagonal structure constructed out of mainly stone and also brick) and Old Bazaar. O/N in Kerman.

Tehran - Kerman (986 km)
Day 3

Kerman - Rayen (105km)

After breakfast, drive to Rayen Castle, the second largest adobe structure in the world after Arg-e Bam (Bam Citadel). Stop at Mahan area to visit Shazdeh Garden (Prince's garden) which is a real heaven in the heart of desert and the Shrine of Shah Nematllah Vali, Iranian mystic and poet who was more than 100 years when he died. O/N in Kerman.

Kerman - Rayen (105km)
Day 4

Kerman – Shiraz (572km)

After breakfast, drive to Shiraz via Sirjan, Neyriz and Sarvestan (Small towns we will pass by or stop to visit en route). In Neyriz, visit Jameh Mosque (Congregational Mosque) and the Sassanid Palace in Sarvestan which was built by Bahram-e Gur as a hunting season residence for the king. Continue the way to Shiarz. O/N in Shiraz.

Kerman – Shiraz (572km)
Day 5


After breakfast, drive to Marvdasht region to visit Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. Persepolis is a unique archaeological site because of the quality of the monumental ruins, its urban planning, construction technology and unique art. After Persepolis, visit Naghsh-e Rustam (Necropolis) which is on an overlooking cliff with reliefs belong to Elamite, Achaemenids and the Sassanid era. Necropolis is a series of four rock-tombs. Persepolis and Necropolis are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran and around 60 km away from Shiraz. Return to Shiraz. Visit Nasir-ol Molk Mosque, known as Pink Mosque with mesmerizing glass works on the windows. O/N in Shiraz.

Day 6

Shiraz – Yazd (442 km)

After breakfast, drive to Yazd. Visit the tomb of the Cyrus the great in Pasargadae. Visit Abarkooh and 4000 Year-old Cypress of Abarkooh en route. Continue the way to the city of Yazd, a newly UNESCO World Heritage registered city. O/N in Yazd.

Shiraz – Yazd (442 km)
Day 7


After breakfast, visit Dowlat Abad Garden with a beautiful large wind catcher (``badger`` in Farsi), built in the 1960s.), Amir Chaqmaq Complex which is noted for its symmetrical sunken alcoves, Yazd Jameh Mosque, one of the most beautiful congregational mosques with the highest minarets among all mosques of Iran. Prison of Alexander and Tower of Silence (Dakhma, a place used by Zoroastrians for excarnation) are next places to visit. O/N in Yazd.

Day 8

Yazd – Kouhpayeh (241 km)

After breakfast, visit Zoroastrians Fire Temple. Then, drive to small town of Kouhpayeh. Visit Meybod and Naein en route. In Meybod, visit mud-brick Narin Citadel, then in Nain visiting traditional wool weaving process and Jameh Mosque (Congregational Mosque). Continue the way to Kouhpayeh and stay in a beautiful ancient caravansary in the reign of Shah Abbas Safai. This caravansary is one of 999 caravansaries Shah Abbas built in Iran (After his pilgrimage to Mashahd in 1009 Hijri). O/N in Kouhpa Abbasi Caravansary

Yazd – Kouhpayeh (241 km)
Day 9

Kouhpayeh – Isfahan (92km)

After breakfast, visit Naqsh-e Jahan Square (the second largest city squares in the world and an outstanding example of Iranian and Islamic architecture. Built in the early 17th century, the square contains Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ālī Qāpū palace, and traditional bazaar.) Visit Chehel Sotun palace, another example of a Persian garden used for holding religious-national ceremonies and royal festivals. At night, stroll along Khajou Bridge. O/N in Isfahan.

Kouhpayeh – Isfahan (92km)
Day 10

Isfahan - Kashan (141 km)

After breakfast, visit Vank Cathedral, a complex where you can see one of the first printing offices in Iran, a museum and the main cathedral. Fine paintings and gilded carvings and the rich tile work add up to the beauty and importance of this monument. Drive to Kashan, visit Fin garden. This garden is an example of the large formal gardens of the Safavid period and Designed for Shah Abbas I. The garden's unique irrigation system was designed by Ghiath od-Din Jamshid-e-Kashani. Visit Tabatabaeis and Boroujerdis house, historical houses in town of Kashan. O/N in Kashan.

Isfahan - Kashan (141 km)
Day 11

Kashan – IKA

After breakfast, visit Tepe Sialk (Silak Hill), an ancient Zigurat, a large archeological site which built around the 3000 BC. Zigurats were temples to worship.<br /> Drive to IKA to fly back home.

Kashan – IKA


  • Visa services in Iran

  • 3-star accommodation with breakfast

  • Domestic flight

  • Airport transfer (to and from)

  • Inland transfers with professional drivers and best quality land vehicles

  • Full-time experienced professional tour guide

  • All entrance fees, sightseeing, permits, excursions and activities as per the itinerary

  • Mid-day refreshment includes a bottle of mineral water per day


  • Insurance

    • Lunch and dinner

      • International flight

      • Tips and Portage (in restaurants and hotels)

      • Entrance fees for sights which are not included in the itinerary



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